Vitamins can help a person get on the road to good health. There are individual vitamins that a person can get or a multivitamin that has many vitamins all put together in one single supplement that is taken every single day. One of the most important and beneficial vitamins that the body needs is vitamin B12. The vitamin B12 is necessary for such functions as the body having healthy nerves, a strong immune system, and the production of red blood cells. However, a person may not have the ability to absorb B12 the way an average person does either through certain foods or the supplements. vitamin b12 shotsSome people take vitamin B12 shots, and there are many benefits to taking the vitamin this way.

A person might have problems absorbing certain vitamins and nutrients. It is through the intestinal wall that the body absorbs things like vitamin B12, but if a person has to have some kind of intestinal surgery then their ability to take in what they need might be hindered. By taking vitamin B12 shots, the vitamin they need very badly is put right into the blood so it can help the body where it needs it the most.

Pernicious Anemia is a serious condition in which a person does not have the proper amount of red blood cells that is caused by a person lacking in B12. The best way to encourage the body to make red blood cells is with iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 shots send a high dose of B12 right into the blood, which can take care of that lack of red blood cells and is considered the best way to treat Pernicious Anemia.

Some people may be perfectly healthy, but may suffer from a lack of energy. People who are always tired can have a condition called chronic fatigue syndrome. Many people who live with chronic fatigue syndrome have found that regular shots of vitamin B12 have given them a lot more energy. Though there is still testing to see what the long term effects of vitamin B12 shots have on chronic fatigue, it is proving to be a good treatment for the condition.

There are many vitamins that the body needs to function properly. One of the most important vitamins needed for good health is B12. By having vitamin B12 shots, a person can get the vitamin into their body faster, which can help take care of a lack of red blood cells and help give a chronic fatigue sufferer a big boost of the energy they need to get through their days.

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