New Pokemon Has Been Revealed for the New Pokemon Games

There will be a new Pokemon game that will be released soon for the Nintendo 3DS portable game console. The new Pokemon game will be the Pokemon Sun and Moon. Both of them have the same plot, albeit with different Pokemon lineups.

Since the announcement of the new Pokemon games, Nintendo has been increasing the hype by gradually revealing new Pokemon that will be available in the Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The latest Pokemon that was revealed was Salandit. This Pokemon has the fire/poison element and he looks just like what its name implies: a salamander.

Salandit, although has a weird name, is a furious Pokemon because it is one of the only Pokemon to ever have 2 different elemental types.

This can be pretty advantageous to you since it can really take out an entire Pokemon team on its own.

Salandit is considered to be a “Toxic Lizard” Pokemon. And rightfully so, Salandit can actually inflict poison damage to Steel and Poison-based Pokemon.

This Pokemon can do just that because it has the “Corrosion” ability. And as of the time of writing, Salandit is the only one who has that ability.

This, to me, is a Pokemon to be feared. I think he will have a weakness; maybe its HP will not be as good as other Pokemon to compensate for its attack prowess.

Salandit is also joined by other Pokemon that was previously revealed by Nintendo. Meremere is an electric/fairy type Pokemon and is the protector of the Meremere island.

It is still unknown what “Fairy” type Pokemons can do but I am pretty sure it has amazing abilities.

Next is Charjabug. This is a bug type electric Pokemon. He looks like a cute caterpillar, only that he can dish out insane electric-type damage.

In addition, Charjabug will evolve to Vikavolt who is also a bug and electric-type Pokemon. Vikavolt just looks like a butterfly/bee hybrid and it looks pretty intimidating.

The next Pokemon that will be joining in is Drampa. Drampa is a dragon-type Pokemon with a “Frenzy” ability. This ability gives Drampa an attack boost whenever the opponent Pokemon’s HP runs low.

And lastly, Togedemaru. It is a mouse electric-type Pokemon that resembles Pikachu in some ways.

Now, a lot of fans are thinking that because of the introduction of the new Pokemon; some even resembling Pokemon of old, does this mean that the old Pokemon will be replaced?

Thankfully, no. Original Pokemon will still be available in the game and the Pokemon I’ve mentioned will just join them in the roster of Pokemon you can collect.

Furthermore, the Pokemon Sun and Moon has vastly improved graphics over other Pokemon games in the past.

It is a mix of cell-shaded graphics and some 2D animation. I am always a fan of cel-shaded graphics and I am quite excited about what the Pokemon Sun and Moon games have to offer.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available soon for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS portable game consoles.